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Installing wordpress on free web hosting. is a free web hosting service that gives free web space in return for a small ad in the corner of pages. The service provides MySQL, good levels of disk space and FTP access.

There are no auto installers, so I decided to do a manual installation of WordPress. It was not easy, but I found a way of doing it so I thought I would share it.

Firstly, here are a list of things I tried that didn’t work:

  1. Uploaded the installation zip file and tried unzipping it with the file manager tool in the FreeWHA control panel.
    Result: The file would not upload using the FreeWHA file maager, but it uploaded OK using Filezilla. However, it would not unzip because the unzipping took longer than the process timeout.
  2. Uploaded the individual WordPress directories as separate zip files and tried unzipping them.
    Result: Two worked, but one was still too big and timed out.
  3. Unzipped WordPress zip file on my local machine and tried uploading the individual files via FTP.
    Result: This failed. It kept saying there were more than 14 connections to the server. I think it kept being booted and wouldn’t log back in. I gave it a few hours but got nowhere.

Finally, this is what worked. The process described here took about 20 minutes to complete:

  1. I set up a MySQL database in the FreeWHA control panel and noted the database name, username and password.
  2. I uploaded the WordPress installation zip file via FTP using Filezilla.
  3. I downloaded unzipper.php from GitHub and uploaded it to the web server. I used this to unzip the file on the server.
  4. The unzip process created a /wordpress directory in the account and put all the files in there so I tried moving the files in Filezilla. This failed for permission reasons. So I went to the FreeWHA control panel and clicked on “Fix file ownerships”. After a few minutes I tried moving them again and it worked. The files must have been owned by the PHP user rather than by me.
  5. I then downloaded wp-config-example.php and edited it in a text editor, adding the database details and the security seed info for sessions.
  6. Then I went to wp-admin in my web browser and the install process started as normal.

As far as I can tell WordPress is behaving correctly on the FreeWHA account. I need to look at security next to make sure it is as tight as it needs to be. Most auto installers do this as part of their processes. Doing it manually means doing some post install checks.

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